Real Results

Just take a look at these client results and testimonials, demonstrating not only physical transformations, but enhancements in self confidence, self belief and positive changes to all walks of life!

Mel Grigg

A huge congratulations to Mel who has achieved a fantastic 8.9kg of fatloss going from 90.0kg down to 81.1kg whilst attending our group personal training sessions.

Mel has displayed tremendous consistency in both her nutrition and her training working through a knee injury to achieve her wonderful results.

Alison Amor

Ali has dropped over 11kilos going from 12.29 st down to 10.6st & has gone down 3 dress sizes too!

Ali has done superbly well and is a wonderful example of obtaining great fat loss results by coming to our bootcamp classes, following balanced nutritional guidelines & fitting this all in with a young child too, what an inspiration, well done!

“Come on boys and girls, if you want to lose the weight join bootcamp, yes its hard work, but no pain no gain, its fun, its team work & your not on your own, plus you will lose weight like I have, what could be better, so what are you all waiting for sign up” 

Karen Davies:

At 47, following a car crash, and having developed epilepsy, Kayley / Maximum Fitness was my first experience of exercise. Oh my goodness, how my life has changed! Kayley motivated me to keep going. When I suffered a seizure during one of our bootcamp sessions it didn’t faze Kayley, I was looked after and returned to continue (albeit embarrassed) a week later. I was even convinced to join Kayley and Maximum Fitness on a fundraising mud run in 2015.

Me, a woman who had smoked all her life (no longer!), never run, never exercised, was definitely not motivated to exercise, what madness!!… yet here it all changed. I lifted weights, I ran(!), I did strange exercises I’d never heard of … but I kept going. Three years later, I still don’t smoke, I run every week, I attend bootcamps, circuits, PT sessions, but most of all, my biggest love of all … this stupid 50-year-old loves mud LOL –

I run in regular Mud/Obstacles courses, and qualified for the European Championships. I would never have thought this possible, and certainly would never have achieved any of this without having met Kayley! Thank you Kayley, what more can I say?

Gemma Keats

In 12 weeks Gemma Achieved:

Gemma lost over 2 stone & has reduced her body fat percentage by 10.3%!!

A wonderful example of what can be achieved with our one to one personal training sessions.

 Ian Weston

“Kayley is an excellent Personal Trainer. Kayley is qualified, professional in her approach, highly skilled, very supportive and encouraging, allowing me to exercise to my full potential. 

Kayley encourages a holistic approach, always considering exercise and nutrition in conjunction with each other. I admire her patient approach, always working within my capabilities and recognising areas for development. 

I am totally blind, Kayley assessed my abilities and working with her has significantly raised my confidence and “feel good” factor using the various equipment and receiving the physical benefit.
I believe working with Kayley is a win, win, situation.”

Caroline Hope

She achieved her superb results through our one to one personal training sessions.

Ben Curtis

“Since starting my fitness and nutritional program with Kayley I have seen unbelievable results, it’s been hard work but she told me if I stuck to the plan I would see results within a matter of weeks and I’ve achieve that and more! I feel and look great!

A new man. I would highly recommend Kayley to anyone. But you have to be 100% committed and put the time in to both the fitness plan and the nutritional plan, if you do this you’ll not be disappointed”

Louis Collins

” Dear Kayley, I just wanted to write & say a huge thank you for all your hard work, preparation & encouragement that has seen Louis progress so well in the past few months.

Louis has tuberculosis sclerosis. This is a rare condition that causes benign tumors to develop in different parts of the body such as the brain, heart, eyes, kidneys & the lungs.

The tumours that develop from tuberous sclerosis can cause other associated health conditions such as epilepsy.

Part of Louis having tuberous sclerosis means he finds it hard to interact with others, but with you he feels comfortable and able to trust you. Louis really enjoys the training sessions, your pleasant, patient manner & good understanding has helped to increase his self-esteem & he now feels comfortable in a gym environment.

Since Louis began training he has lost just over 9.5kg, your guidance from both an exercise & nutritional perspective have been superb. He now looks & feels great!

You have helped to significantly raise his self-confidence. I believe working together has had a profoundly positive effect upon the rest of his life.

I would be very happy to recommend you as a personal trainer, you have made such a difference in Louis life, I now have a happy and healthy son and I can’t thank you enough”

Lin Collins


Sami Hill

“I was working out 3 times a week for over an hour and loosing nothing….. until I met Kayley.

I approached Kayley initially to help me ‘tone up’ but ended up learning so much more. In our first meeting she took pictures, measurements, we discussed my eating habits and current workout regime.

Within a few days I had a new diet plan and workout which gave me results within weeks. I can honestly say that working with Kayley was a full package mind, body and soul….. and for that I’m very grateful”

Alexis Walmsley

“I’ve been going to Maximum Fitness Bootcamp since January 2013 – so over a year now and I just wish I had started sooner. I’ve never been an outdoor fitness person but Kayley’s class has changed me forever and I am now so much more toned and energised, doing exercise at a level I never thought possible. Kayley has helped me stay motivated even when the going has been tough for me. But it’s fun and I now appreciate the exercise buzz about which I’ve heard so much. I’ve also met some brilliant people so thank you Kayley

Four years on aged 61 and fitter than I’ve ever been. Kayley’s classes were fantastic and pushed me to do stuff I’d never imagined I could. She has left a great legacy in Overton of which she should be rightly proud and I wish her every possible ounce of good luck with her new project in Wiltshire”

Karin Hancock

Karin achieved over 2 stone of fatloss from attending our bootcamp sessions.

She is delighted with her results and new thoroughly enjoys regular exercise and eating well.

Colin Batten

“Fantastic lady and wonderful fitness trainer.I thought it would be too easy for me but was surprised by the end of my first session how much my legs were wobbly in a good way! That was a while ago now.( 4 years I think and still she makes my legs all wobbly)

She taught me how to incorporate weights in my training and kept me riding Motorcross / enduro when I thought I was done…I’m 54 and still riding although competition is now beyond me I have to thank her
For those extra years riding. without out her guidance
On fitness I would have retired a lot earlier.

Can’t praise this person enough … Thanks Kayley and I am still training”

Elizabeth Taylor

“Joining Maximum Fitness in November 2014 has been a whole new world to me. Being an older lady I was concerned about how I would be accepted – Kayley was amazing and made me feel part of her team immediately .

She such a great Trainer with huge amounts of encouragement and support. She’s the best and lovely with it”